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Fat Flour Bakery in Cark in Cartmel is as a family run, fully artisan bakery owned and operated by John Dixon.

Fat Flour Bakery became a favourite producer of its scrumptious baguettes, boules, rolls, brioche, buns, ciabattas,  loaves and much more. The bakery has quickly gained the respect and praises of the Lakes Area for its distinctive products, reliable customer service and friendly atmosphere.


While traditional artisan techniques are an integral part of Fat Flour, we do use advanced techonogy to produce our breads. We offer deliver of  fresh breads daily. Our products include different varieties of baguettes, ficelles, dinner rolls, dozens of sandwich breads, breadsticks, boules, pullman loaves, focaccia and freeform breads.


Fat Flour still keep true to artisan bakery tradition and makes alot of its produce by hand which is why our breads and produce are so fresh and taste so different,


John Dixon has been brough up from a child in the bakery industry and his knowledge and expertise is second to none.

Fat Flour Bakery produces for the commercial and domestic markets - call us to order direct or come and visit us in our shop to try our produce.

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About Us at Fat Flour Bakery - A True Family Business Based in Cumbria

Fat Flour Artisan Bakery offering the very best in traditional bakery techniques

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